Medhane TadesseMedhane Tadesse is a Visiting Professor at the African Leadership Centre, Kings College London. He is an academic specialist on peace and security issues in Africa who has researched extensively on civil wars, the Governance of Security, Political Islam and interstate conflicts. A veteran political analyst in the Horn of Africa he has written widely and on a variety of issues and assumed high profile advisory position, at a young age, on one of the most complicated and intractable conflicts in Africa, Somalia. He was, among others, advisor to the President of Somaliland and the Ethiopian Foreign Minister in the mid-1990s. He is also a columnist and frequent commentator on global and regional security issues, and is the editor of The Current Analyst, an online journal that examines issues of peace and security in Africa.

Medhane played a crucial role in familiarizing the Governance of Security at both research and policy levels. Drafted and developed the Horn of African Strategy for Security Sector Reform/SSR/; provided extensive support to the African Union Commission in conceptualizing, drafting and finalizing its Policy Framework on SSR; organized and chaired the Development of National Security Policy for the new Republic of South Sudan a; led the Review Process of Juba University’s Capacity on Peace and Security Studies and designed the plan for Building the Capacity of the University of Juba on Security Sector Transformation.

An early student of Somali Islamists and the threat of radicalization in Africa,  Medhane has taught at various universities in Ethiopia and abroad and has written extensively on African security and related topics, spawning four books, over 160 briefing papers, articles, commentaries and policy memos. He served as an advisor to governments, political and armed groups, and sits on the board of directors of several peace and security related institutions including the African Security Sector Network (ASSN), the African leadership Centre (ALC) and is a Senior SSR Advisor to the African Union.

Medhane has been a guest and key note speaker on Global Peace and Security, African Conflicts, Radicalization and the Governance of the Security Sector in more than 75 venues around the Globe, delivering briefings from NATO Headquarters to the Chinese Communist Party, from World Bank headquarters to US (Kelly) military barracks, from the British parliament to the US State Department and Angolan parliaments.

Areas of Research Interests:

  • Radicalization and Political Islam
  • The Governance of Security
  • The African State



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